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     “I went in for my yearly check-up for cancer. The test showed positive for Lymphoma cancer. My doctor sent me to have a CT Scan which showed positive for stomach cancer. So, I was sent to a cancer doctor. The cancer doctor sent me to have a PET/CT Scan and it showed   positive for cancer in Lymph nodes in two areas: stomach and groin. Finally, I was sent to have a needle biopsy in my groin area. It came out negative! I went back to the cancer doctor and He told me I do not have stomach cancer! Praise God! Thank you Victory Life Church for your prayers of faith and encouragement!

     “This testimony is long overdue. My aunt was rushed to the E.R. By morning the next day, she was admitted to ICU. Doctor’s said my aunt was not going to make it through the night. No diagnosis was given to me on to the problem of her illness. All we know was she was in a semi – coma and hooked up to all kinds of life support. I called one of the leaders here at Victory Life Church and asked them to pray and do whatever necessary to get others and pray for my aunt. I went to the hospital and took a prayer cloth with me that Pastor Mark had prayed over during one of our anointing prayer cloth services. I was not allowed to take the prayer cloth to ICU. No problem the anointing is transferable and tangible. The family went in to pray for my aunt. My aunt made it through the night. Praise God. But she was still in a semi – coma. One week later the family was asked to think about removing the life support because the Dr’s said she wasn’t going to pull through. Not so, we didn’t pull the life support. Three or four days later we were asked again to have the life support removed. Again, we said no. After being in ICU for one month on life support she became conscious again and was then transferred to a nursing home for P.T. for one month. My aunt is at home alive and well! Praise the Lord. To God be all the glory!!!! Thank you Victory Life family for prayer!”

     “Mom had a stroke and was hospitalized 4 days. X-rays revealed a blood clot in her heart which caused a blind spot in her left eye and a heart rate of 26 beats/min. Victory Life Church’s Congregational Care called and visited mom to pray with and for her. Numerous tests later doctors say there were no longer signs of a blood clot and the blind spot was GONE! Her heart rate returned to normal. I praise God for his goodness and mercy! 


     “We were experiencing a lock on our finances and needed a financial breakthrough. We prayed over our tithe on Sunday before placing in the offering. I received a call on Saturday at 5:30pm for a full time job 10 minutes away from our home. Praise God!”

     “We were in despair over the oppressive state of our family finances. Pastor Mark was ministering to us and he spoke Biblical wisdom into our lives concerning our finances and God’s promises of breakthrough.  Then, Pastor Mark began to minister to us as the Holy Spirit led him. My wife and I felt an immediate relief from the heaviness and depression that had been weighing so heavily on us.  Pastor Mark prophesied that in one week we would begin to see a breakthrough.  Praise God, within one week we received a check in the mail that we were not expecting, we had someone pay for our daughter’s private Christian Schooling for the entire upcoming school year, and a door was opened for me to begin receiving through an additional source of income.  Thank you God and thank you Victory Life Church!”

     “In the face of a great financial loss, in faith, I laid an anointing cloth over my business books and wrote an entry of an ‘expected recovery.’ In less than a week, I received a phone call giving me business that more than made up the expected recovery of funds!!!”


     “My husband had been running from God for the past 3 years. He didn’t mind me going to church but he didn’t want any part of it. He became more and more depressed the further he got from God. One Sunday, after much pleading on my part, he came with me to Victory Life Church and, in a mighty move of God during Worship and with Pastor Mark ministering at the Altar, my husband began to shake. He reached over to me and said he felt God all over him.  He said to me, Jesus is real and He’s here. From that very Sunday my husband started his journey back to God. I know God will be faithful to complete the good work He began in my husband that Sunday at Victory Life Church. God is so very good. He surely does answer prayer.”

     “I desperately needed to hear from God concerning my life and family.  My life and family were falling apart at the seams.  Everything was a mess.  Relationships, health, finances, everything.  I came to the week night Impartation Service during the Prophetic Series.  After the message, Pastor Mark spoke directly into my life with a Prophetic Scalpel.  I immediately had hope where I had no hope.  I am seeing change in my life and family.  As Pastor Mark says, the ‘Prophetic is life-giving and life-changing’.  Thank you Jesus!”

     “This past weekend I saw my first husband after 36 years at our son’s graduation – forgiveness, thank-you, and healing for all of us. Praise to Jesus – a mighty release and new freedom!


     “I had Pastor Mark pray for me on two different occasions for an interview I had for a promotion at work. My husband and I both believed the promotion was God’s will. Pastor Mark prophesied that I would receive a promotion. My interview went well, but I did not get offered the job. We were confused, but believing that God must have something greater. The person chosen for this job became my superior and made things very challenging to me. Five months later, I received a voicemail offering me another position that I had applied for. I hadn’t even interviewed for the position. I accepted the position as it was a huge raise with better benefits working for the Navy. I am so happy in my new position. I learned recently from a former colleague that my old supervisor had been spreading lies about me the entire time. I am so thankful for God’s mercy, favor and provision for us!”

     “My business and, as a result, my personal finances had fallen on hard times. I was sinking into depression as nothing was working – no matter how hard I tried.  Everything that I knew to do from a business perspective, I had done.  I came to church on a Sunday morning and went down to the altar when Pastor Mark encouraged the church to come forward for a breakthrough. While standing there at the altar, I felt something happening  inside me.  Wisdom, that I did not have, came to me and God gave me a strategy to get out of my mess.  I’ve heard Pastor Mark call these “Divine Strategies.”  I immediately applied the God given strategy and at the same time I gave generously to the Lord.  Within a few weeks everything turned around and now I’m walking in more than enough. Thank you Jesus!  Thank you Victory Life Church!”

     “My husband lost his job several months ago, but instead of fear we felt peace about the entire situation. Our God has proven His faithfulness to us again and again. Sure enough, this week God gave me a full-time job with benefits. Even in these tough economic times our God is not lacking with His blessings. Thank you Victory Life Church for your prayers!”


     “I have battled with clinical depression for many years.  I was on many different medications to help me cope.  The Lord recently called me to Victory Life Church and I immediately sensed His power and presence in the services.  One Sunday morning during Worship, Pastor Mark opened the altar for ministry and I responded not knowing what might happen next.  I received a Prophetic word about my depression and that Jesus was breaking it off of me that very moment.  I immediately felt a weight being lifted off my shoulders.  That very night, I slept without medication and I have not had to take my anti-depressant medication since.  I have remained full of joy and hope and am free of all anti-depressant medication for the first time in years. I am truly set free of all the Clinical Depression that I had suffered with for so long.  God is the Healer and the Lifter of My Head.  Praise Jesus!”

     “I was deeply depressed and without any possible hope of my situation and circumstance changing.  I frequently thought of suicide as the only way out and began to plan how I would do it.  Then I came to Victory Life Church and my eyes were opened to what Jesus could and would do in my life if I gave it all to him.  Pastor Mark looked and pointed at me and said these simple but powerful, life-changing words: ‘Expect Great Things In Jesus Name.’  At that moment, something began to change in me and for the first time I had the hope of Jesus that my situation could and would change.  Praise Jesus my life is saved and changed.  Thank you Jesus!  Thank you Victory Life Church!”

     “Five years ago, there was an intense assault of the enemy against my mind. The resulting anxiety was on a level that truly cannot be described in words. There was a complete loss of peace and a seemingly disconnect from my Savior. Pastor Mark and many others at Victory Life Church pressed in frequently for many months on my behalf to see me delivered from this flagrant attack. Slowly, yet methodically, there has been a full recovery and I experience every day, as I stay pressed into God, a “peace of God that transcends all understanding.” Praise God for His Grace and the prayers of the Saints of Victory Life Church that bore me up during that difficult time. To Him goes ALL the GLORY!”

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