Financial Breakthrough Testimonies

     “We were experiencing a lock on our finances and needed a financial breakthrough. We prayed over our tithe on Sunday before placing in the offering. I received a call on Saturday at 5:30pm for a full time job 10 minutes away from our home. Praise God!”

     “We were in despair over the oppressive state of our family finances. Pastor Mark was ministering to us and he spoke Biblical wisdom into our lives concerning our finances and God’s promises of breakthrough.  Then, Pastor Mark began to minister to us as the Holy Spirit led him. My wife and I felt an immediate relief from the heaviness and depression that had been weighing so heavily on us.  Pastor Mark prophesied that in one week we would begin to see a breakthrough.  Praise God, within one week we received a check in the mail that we were not expecting, we had someone pay for our daughter’s private Christian Schooling for the entire upcoming school year, and a door was opened for me to begin receiving through an additional source of income.  Thank you God and thank you Victory Life Church!”

     “In the face of a great financial loss, in faith, I laid an anointing cloth over my business books and wrote an entry of an ‘expected recovery.’ In less than a week, I received a phone call giving me business that more than made up the expected recovery of funds!!!”

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